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Nat-U-Rally offers support for weight loss and long term weight management for men and women.  Our team of dedicated doctors and specialised nurses will put together a personal weight loss programme for you.  At our diet clinic you will receive advice and guidance on lifestyle, nutrition and diet.  Where appropriate you may be prescribed fully licensed appetite suppressant pills, to help you manage your appetite and lose weight in an easy and effective way as part of your Nat-U-Rally Weight loss clinic Programme.

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Dieting is short-term focused

The problem with dieting is that it relies on deprivation. And most people are (understandably) not willing to feel deprived for very long.

If you can only tolerate a diet for a few weeks, it’s NEVER going to be a long-term solution to your weight problems. Dieting is just a quick fix, that becomes less and less able to fix anything, as you get older.

And yet you’re probably still blaming yourself for not being able to succeed?

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So what do you need to do differently?

You need to reprogramme your relationship with food.

We need to create a more natural, healthy lifestyle, based around changing behaviours and habits.

The behavioural approach includes:

  • Adjusting the amounts and timing of meals (in a way that you don’t feel deprived)
  • Modifying triggers that lead to unnecessary eating
  • Reducing unhelpful responses e.g. emotional eating
  • Learning how to deal with cravings and temptations

If you’ve ever thought that there is something wrong with the entire way you relate to food, then you’re right! And no diet will ever change that.

What you need is the guidance to identify where things are going wrong and how to change it. This is what I do.

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